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Pope’s Talks on Church Fathers

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Pope’s Talks on Church Fathers

From March 2007 through June 2008, Pope Benedict XVI dedicated his weekly audience talks to a series of very informative biographical sketches of the Church Fathers. For those who have not studied the lives and writings of the Fathers, or those who just want a little refresher, this is a excellent resource.

The text of the talks can be here found at the Vatican website.

Most of the well-known Fathers of the Church, East and West, are covered. There are some less familiar names as well: Saint Chromatius of Aquileia, Aphraates, “the Sage”, and Saint Romanus the Melodist, for example.

One thing this helps remind us is that beyond the first tier of better known Church Fathers is a second one consisting of perhaps hundreds of lesser-known figures. We possess a large number of their writings, many or most never having been translated into English. This is vast resource waiting to be mined.

Incidentally, two weeks were devoted to Origen; this may help ease concerns anyone may have that Origen is not fully accepted as a Church Father by the Roman Catholic Church.

Those interested in Platonism may note with interest talks on Boethius and Pseudo-Dionysius, along, of course, with those on St. Clement of Alexandria, St. Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Augustine of Hippo.


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September 23, 2008 at 4:33 pm

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